Titanium is used in a large variety of sports equipment, medical devices, military aircraft, paints, inks, papers, plastics, food products and artistic and architectural structures. Titanium was used as part of the 2008 ... More »

Titanium dioxide has a wide range of industrial purposes, including uses as a refractive coating, whitening agent and thickener. It is the most widely used white pigment due to both its refractive index and brightness. More »

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Titanium was discovered in a stream by an amateur geologist named Reverend William Gregor in the city of Cornwall, England, in 1791. The titanium element was discovered in the form of a black, magnetic sand that visually... More »

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Acetone is used in the preparation of nail polish removers, paints and plastics and as an industrial solvent. It is used to remove stains from porcelain and glassware. Acetone is also used as a thinner for polyester resi... More »

The organic compounds known as alkanes are used primarily as fuels, but their derivatives can be found in paints, plastics, cosmetics, cleaners and pharmaceuticals. The simplest alkanes are propane, methane, butane and e... More »

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Lead is used in a variety of consumer and manufacturing products, including ammunition, batteries, plastics, tank liners, pesticides and some metal alloys. The metal has been used since ancient times. More »

Titanium is part of the transition metals family. The transition metals family contains 38 elements, which is the largest number of elements of any family on the periodic table. More »