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Use dried sunflower stalks to build circular pole bean teepees in the garden to support your pole beans. You can also grow living sunflower supports in a circular pattern, and plant beans around them. Or build rustic ladder-style garden trellises.


Science aside, sunflower stalks make great snacks, too. With a satisfying crunch and a taste comparable to celery, the stalks of young sunflowers can be added to salad, or eaten raw with hummus or peanut butter. Sunflower Leaves. Sunflower leaves can be used as a greens for salad, boiled in the same way you might cook spinach, or even baked ...


* deep roots can also mine deep nutrients for use by other plants through leaf drop Something that I have been mulling around in my mind is harvesting the stalks of these sunflowers at the end of the season and storing them until next year to use for structural components like one would use small to medium diameter bamboo for.


The pith (the interior of the stalk) is one of the lightest substances known and is used in scientific labs. The plant’s ability to absorb water from soil has been used to reclaim mushy land in the Netherlands. The sunflower is a plant to be valued and appreciated for more than just food for birds or an ornamental fixture in a summer garden.


The Sunflower is valuable from an economic, as well as from an ornamental point of view. Every part of the plant may be utilized for some economic purpose. The leaves form a cattle-food and the stems contain a fibre which may be used successfully in making paper.


I learned a neat gardening trick at the Huntington Ranch this weekend:1. Grow tall sunflowers.2. Harvest the heads but don't cut down the stalk.3. Use the decapitated stalk as a trellis for beans, peas etc.Depending on your climate, they could last a couple of seasons.


So the differences between standing stalks and flattened areas — while still evident — were not nearly as pronounced (Figure 1 / Studies 3 and 4). Not surprisingly, the taller sunflower stalk heights and corresponding increases in snow catch translated into significantly better overwinter soil water storage (Figure 2).


Sunflower forage harvested with less than 30% DM can cause undesirable fermentation and excessive effluent seepage from the silo. Sunflower stalks can contain high amounts of water and the dried appearance of the leaves may be misleading: even when the seed is mature, the whole plant can contain 80% water (Kuhl et al., 1998).


This DIY trellis can be made for free, and can be used to support your plants. Made from sunflower stalks, it is not only 100% decompostable, but it is sustainable as well! Hope you will give this ...


Sunflower flutes in the making. You can't just go to a hardwood type store and order sunflower stalks for making flutes. Each flute I've made began as a tiny seed, and as they grow, I try to take care of all of them because you just don't know which one of those seeds will grow into a beautiful Sunflower Flute. I got maybe 20 flutes out of all ...