Jul 7, 2016 ... Inside airtight containers, the vapors released by the mothballs build up ... Mothballs used outdoors can also contaminate soil, plants and water.

Mothballs may seem like one-trick ponies, but they're actually incredibly versatile! Here are five clever ways to use mothballs around the house.

Mothballs are a chemical pesticide that are used for killing moth larva and for mold removal. ... If using mothballs indoors as deodorizers, avoid closed rooms.

Mar 29, 2019 ... Never use these products out in the open.... ... Lay the clothes inside the container. Moths eat ... Place the mothballs inside the container.

Mar 26, 2018 ... This article lists out the various purposes for which mothballs are put to ... inadvertently avoid the chances of them breeding inside your house.

Because the active ingredients in mothballs are insecticides, it is not only dangerous, it's illegal to use them in any way not specified on the label.

Not sure what moth balls do or how to use them? Read our guide to moth ball uses, for tips on getting rid of your moth problems - and that moth ball odour!

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Jul 23, 2013 ... Mothball labels direct you to use the product only inside tightly sealed containers where the fumes are contained. Mothballs should never be ...

Mothballs are classified as a pesticide and used to control moths ... Mothballs should only be used as specified on ... To do so properly, place mothballs inside.