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Find used tennis machines online at alibaba.com, ebay.com and sportstutor.com as of 2015. You can also find tennis machines in your area by checking the classified listings of your local newspaper, searching your local Craigslist site, and by checking the bulletin board of a local tennis club.


Look for used tennis ball machines on eBay and Amazon.com as of 2015. These sites also offer accessories for tennis ball machines, such as wireless remote controls or storage covers.


The equipment used in table tennis consists of a ball, a racket, a net and a table, which is also commonly referred to as a court. The court consists of one half of the playing surface separated from the other half by a net. A regulation table measures just under 9 feet long and 5 feet wide. The tab


Used washing machine parts are available for purchase at Appliance Depot and Double D Services. New and used parts are also available via online auction at eBay.


Sell used machine tools on sites such as MachineTools.com, Bid on Equipment and Dan’s Machine Tool, Inc. These online marketplaces all allow users to buy and sell used tools, including construction and farming equipment.


To find used quilting machines for sale, look at Accomplished Quilting, American Professional Quilting Machines and Nolting Manufacturing. Each of these retailers offer certified refurbished machines at a discount. All of these retailers also offer a one-year warranty against defects on used machine


Used federal police cars are available for sale from the U.S. General Services Administration at public auctions. Other used police cars are for sale on online stores and auction websites.


Milling machines "machine" or carve or cut materials, such as wood and metal, into different shapes for various projects and applications. They are often computer-aided design directed; however, traditional, manually directed, milling machines are also common.


Some apartments have standard washer and dryer hook ups that allow for the use of any washer or dryer that fits, however, in apartments without hook ups, a portable 120 volt washer or dryer is a good option. When space is limited, stackable washer and dryer combos allow for a laundry center in a ver


Users can visit a variety of websites, including RTmachine.com and Trademachines.com to find a selection of used woodworking machines for sale. Shoppers can also browse through eBay.com for a number of used woodworking machines available by retailers and previous customers.