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As of 2015, used pipe can be purchased online through websites such as DKMUsedPipe.com and NetworkIntl.com, an auction-style liquidator. Used pipe is also available through companies such as Crestwood Tubulars, which displays inventory online but requires the customer to call or fax for prices and p


People use steel pipes in the building of appliances, machines and tools. They are also crucial to the construction of buildings, ships, automobiles and infrastructure.


Glass smoking pipes are typically used for smoking illegal drugs. These include marijuana, crack cocaine, crystal methamphetamine, phencyclidine (also known as PCP or "angel dust"), opium and dimethyltryptamine (usually referred to as DMT).


Plumbing pipes can't be used for air conditioning due to differences in sizing. Copper pipe for plumbing is sold in nominal sizes, a measurement that is 1/8 inch less than the outside diameter. Copper pipes used in air conditioning are measured according to the actual outside diameter of the pipe.


NuFlow, Perma-Wrap and Stop It Pipe Repair System are three of the many products that can be used to repair a leaking pipe. The type of repair kit or product needed to stop a leaking pipe will depend on the type of pipe and size of the leak.


The pricing of used books mainly depends on the condition of the book, its availability in the market, the edition and the prices of similar books in the market. The consumer demand for the book in the current market also determines how it is priced.


Pricing software is an electronic program commonly used by companies to price their products or services in an effort to yield the maximum amount of profit. A user plugs in the data into the required fields and software returns information -- charts, graphs or text -- that allows the user an analyti


Owners of a used mobile home can receive a manufactured home value report by submitting an online questionnaire, according to NADAguides. Alternatively, homeowners can print out the request form and fax it, or mail it to the designated address. Price estimates are based on depreciated replacement co


Common symbols used in piping drawings include function symbols, such as two circles, side-by-side, indicating instrument sharing in common housing and a diamond with a P in the middle indicating a purge or flush device. Pipe- and valve-end symbols include a curved 90-degree angle opening to the rig


The major considerations when pricing an iPhone 4 are the condition of the phone and the memory size. The phone's network affiliation can also affect its price.