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The best way to store a used gas can is to ventilate it properly, keep it away from extreme temperatures and store it away from any open flame. The American Petroleum Institute recommends storing gas cans in a secure place away from the home or garage. The U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administr


Used gas stoves can be purchased from specialty stove websites, such as Wood Heat Stoves & Solar, and from some major retail websites, such as Alibaba.com. Auction websites, such as eBay.com, also typically carry used gas stoves.


Used gas heaters can be purchased online from mass retailers such as Amazon as well as from auction sites such as eBay. Local classifieds sites like Craigslist also frequently contain listings for used gas heaters, though availability can vary based on region and time of year.


Gas stoves use natural gas. The main gas supply of a home carries gas to the burner, where it is then mixed with air in a tube. More gas is released by turning the burner-control knob to a higher setting. Gas stoves use a pilot light or electronic ignition.


Propane gas is used to power grills, outdoor kitchens, space heaters, generators, fireplaces and clothes dryers, states the Propane Education and Research Council. It is also used as an alternative fuel source in vehicles and to power professional landscaping and agricultural equipment.


Used gas furnaces are found on eBay and Craigslist, as of 2015. Both sites allow buyers to search in a preferred geographical area, as shipping a furnace may be expensive. A person may also find one in a local newspaper.


Suitable oils for deep frying include vegetable, sunflower, sesame, corn, peanut and canola oils depending on the type of food and the fryer. Each deep fat fryer's instruction manual lists suitable oils and which to avoid.


Gasoline and diesel fuel are both used to power automobiles and machinery. They are both the product of crude oil, but they are different because they are not able to power engines in the same way.


Used gas furnaces can be purchased online through specialty heating and cooling unit resellers such as Used A/C Warehouse and Access Used Furnaces, as well as through auction sites such as eBay. Used gas furnaces are also sometimes sold by general used equipment resellers such as the Aaron Equipment


As of 2015, riders can find gas scooters for sale at Cycle Trader and SuperiorPowerSports.com. These retailers stock various gas scooter models from different manufacturers.