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Ford F250 diesels are available through Autotrader and CarGurus listings, as of May 2015. Both sites allow filtering of Ford trucks by the F250 model along with the diesel fuel type. Additional search filters available on both sites include trim type, color, drive type and more.


eBay and the CarGurus resale website are two places where interested buyers will find used Chevy diesel trucks for sale. These trucks are good resources for heavy hauling, work sites and other intense vehicular jobs.


Find specific models and years of used Dodge diesel pickup trucks for sale through sites such as Autotrader, eBay, CarGurus and TruckPaper. Alternately, use a business search site such as Yelp to locate a nearby Dodge or used car dealership, and inquire about its selection of Dodge diesel pickup tru


Used Ford F-350s are available through AutoTrader.com and CarGurus.com. Both sites offer listings that are searchable by location and sortable by price, mileage, distance or vehicle year.


Used diesel engines are available for sale online at the Diesel Engine Trader and Diesel Sales websites. Both websites allow users to search used diesel engine inventory by manufacturer and model number.


Pickup trucks are common vehicles on the used market, so used car dealers are likely to have some of these vehicles in their inventories. Other options for acquiring a used pickup truck include private sellers that list their trucks on sites such as Autotrader and eBay.


Purchase used UPS truck models, known as step vans, from auction sites such as eBay and Truck Paper as well as from classifieds sites such as Craigslist and CommercialTruckTrader.com. It is important to note that availability of a step van featuring a UPS paint job varies over time.


Used Ford tractors are available for online purchase at Machinio. Interested buyers can also browse for used Ford tractors at TractorHouse. The company's website provides links to tractor products based on horsepower.


Common used trucks problems include damage to the body, frame, hoses and belts. Used truck buyers are advised to have the vehicle inspected by a certified mechanic before purchasing it to reduce the chances of having problems with the truck.


Used seats for various models of Ford trucks can be purchased through online car part retailers such as UNeedAPart, as well as online auction websites such as eBay. Local salvage yards also sell various car parts, with many yards featuring some inventory on their websites.