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You can buy temporary "donut" spare tires directly from Ford or other automakers' official parts departments, from tire manufacturers such as Goodyear, or from retailers that sell several brands, such as Tire Rack. You need to know the proper size and bolt pattern for y...


Find a local junkyard on iJunkYards.com. Navigate to the iJunkYards website, enter a ZIP code in the Find Junk Yards section and click Go to get a list of local junkyards.


"Donut" tires, commonly known as spares, are intended to be driven for no more than 70 miles. They are supposed to only be used under emergency situations, as they tend to have less than the recommended tread depth of normal tires.


At a Pick Your Part junkyard, customers can search used vehicles for common, rare or discontinued auto parts. Since 1964, Pick Your Part Auto Wrecking Incorporated has operated numerous junkyards out of Southern California.


Local junkyards buy used cars, according to Cars Direct. Prices depend on the make, model and condition of the car. Junkyards often charge a fee if the car is not in driving condition and needs to be towed to the junkyard.


Manufacturers suggest that donut tires, or compact spares, be driven no faster than 50 miles per hour. In addition, they recommend these tires only be used for short trips and a total distance of 50 miles.


The amount a junkyard might pay for a car depends on whether the car can be salvaged as opposed to being sold for parts or scrap metal. A junkyard can provide a quote based on the car's condition.