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Typically the best ways to find a used car under $2,000 are through public auctions, independent used car dealers and private sellers. These types of sellers tend to have lower priced vehicles but lack some of the benefits of traditional car dealers, such as warranties and certification.


As of 2015, buyers can find classified listings for vehicles priced under $500 at Cars.com and AutoTrader.com. Both websites allow users to search for vehicles priced under $1000, but many of the vehicles listed are priced under $500. Buyers can sort the listings by price to find their ideal vehicle


Find cars for sale for under $1,000 online at CarFax.com, Cars.com, UsedCarsGroup.com and ISeeCars.com. Individual users trying to sell their vehicles list them for sale on Cars.com and ISeeCars.com. CarFax.com and UsedCarGroup.com feature listing from new and used car dealerships across the United


Popular resources for finding cars priced under $500 in the United States include eBay.com and Craigslist.org. Both of these websites may be filtered by price, types of sellers and location.


People shopping for cheap cars can sometimes find them in online and offline classified sections, but most cars available for $400 or less likely reside in a junkyard. Rebuilt cars might be another option to consider.


Cars for under $10,000 can be found at Autotrader.com in the Car Research & Reviews section of the website. The list includes used models of the Acura SRX, Honda Civic and Nissan Versa, as of July 2015. The website's search feature lets customers search for these cars locally.


As of September 2015, some of the best cars available for under $1000 are the 2004 Dodge Stratus, 2002 Hyundai Accent and 2001 Volvo S60. Cars are judged by reliability, fuel efficiency and interior and exterior quality.


Used cars under $1,000 are available for purchase by using the price filters on sites such as eBay, Craigslist or Cars.com. Buyers are also able to use Autotrader's dealer locator tool to find nearby dealers to contact directly with questions about used cars available for under $1,000.


As of 2014, the Volkswagen GTI, Ford Mustang and FIAT 500L are some of the best new cars under $30,000. The best used cars under $30,000 include the 2011 Infiniti G and the 2011 Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class. Performance, safety, reliability and price are a few of the contributing factors to these cars’ h


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