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Certified used, or pre-owned, cars are inspected and reconditioned by dealerships, which then certify them as sound and sell them with warranties. Consumers should be careful when purchasing vehicles labeled "certified," as some sellers may use the term despite not properly reconditioning vehicles,


For the safety of the driver and the other competitors on the track, any race car must be certified before racing. The SFI Foundation, founded in 1978, tests and certifies racing equipment offered by various manufacturers. SFI certifies tech inspectors that look over cars before they compete in raci


Buying a car is a huge decision that warrants a lot of thought and research. There are many things to consider when buying a car, including whether it's best to purchase a new or used car.


Kelly Blue Book, Edmunds and the National Automotive Dealers Association provide calculators to help consumers determine how much a used car is worth, advises Investopedia. Mileage, condition, included equipment, color and geographical location most strongly determine the value of a used car.


As of 2015, good cars to buy used include the 2008 Mazda3, the 2005 Toyota Avalon, Acura TL, TSX and RL; and the 2010 to 2012 Kia Soul. Higher-priced good used cars include the 2013-2014 Hyundai Elantra, the 2008 to 2012 Honda Accord and 2009 Infinity M.


Websites such as Autotrader.com and CarGurus.com allow users to search for nearby used car dealers. Used cars are also sold online and in-person through specialty used car dealers such as CarFax. Auction sites such as eBay and classifieds sites such as Craigslist also maintain listings for privately


Used car door panels are available at CarParts.com, UNeedAPart.com and ABCOFridleyAutoParts.com. CarParts.com is an online car and truck parts and accessories store for a broad range of vehicle makes and models. This site has over 1,000 door panels listed as of 2015.


Copcarsonline.com has listings for dozens of used cop cars for sale. The website offers numerous models, such as Ford Crown Victorias, Chevy Impalas and Dodge Chargers from all around the country. The website is easy to navigate and offers a plethora of information about each car for sale.


Several factors contribute to the value of a used car, including its physical condition, its make and model and the location in which it is sold. Other factors include the mileage on the car and whether or not the manufacturer continues to make cars in that line.


To become a used car dealer, obtain used vehicle and business licenses, identify a good location for your office, ensure that adequate starting capital is available, acquire used cars for selling, and repair them as necessary. Advertise the used cars to draw in customers, and help them obtain loans