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It is a good idea to check any used camper shell for leaks, especially if the purchase is still pending. Some leaks may be minor, while others may be expensive or impossible to repair.


Some places to buy used camper shells include Custom Road, Bel-Air Camper Shells and Valley Camper Sales. All three retailers have websites where customers can browse used camper shell types and selections.


The common problem found when buying a used truck camper shell is purchasing the wrong size. Almost all camper shell manufacturers provide the option of having the camper shell fit or sized according to the person’s specific truck, which guarantees accurate fit.


Some good websites that list used truck campers include Campingword.com, eBay.com and Rvt.com. Shoppers can search for used truck campers on these websites by year, length, make, model and price.


Buy used truck campers online through sites such as Camping World, RV Trader, eBay and Craigslist. Many of these sites contain listings from both private sellers as well as dealers, which means that the exact terms of each sale, including payment method and delivery options, vary significantly betwe


Some makes and models of trucks are less common or do not usually use camper shells, so there is a higher demand for camper shells that fit them. This drives up the price of used camper shells for those models.


To find out the value of a used camper, use online tools for comparing RV prices. NadaGuides.com and RVTrader.com are two sites which offer online tools.


RV Trader is a platform for buying and selling used campers and other recreational vehicles. Camping World also sells both new and used campers, plus spare parts and accessories.


Some places to find used campers for sale include RVT, Camping World, RVzen and eBay. The AARP also recommends exploring RV parks and even residential neighborhoods to find used campers for sale.


Find used campers for sale at RVTrader.com, CampingWorld.com and eBay.com, as well as RVT.com and RVOnline.com. Each of these websites offers simple to use features that allow you to narrow down a search by make and model, specs, mileage and price range.