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Chlorine is the active chemical element most commonly used in the sanitization of swimming pools, though other chemicals are used as cleaners as well. Bromine is the next most common chemical used in cleaning pools.


A ballistics table or chart provides information on bullets for a particular caliber and gun fired under certain conditions, helping individuals make the necessary adjustments when shooting at long distances in various conditions. The information on a ballistics table may vary depending on who creat


Annuity tables provide a method for determining payment structure, individual payouts and the life of the contract, according to Investopedia. An annuity is a type of contractual payment that converts savings such as pensions into monthly or yearly payouts for individuals to live on, as the Money Ad


FC Snooker and B & A Snooker & Pool are some of the websites where consumers can buy used snooker tables. Each listing comes with a comprehensive description for buyers.


Span tables are used to determine the dimensions and wood class necessary for load-bearing wooden parts, such as beams, studs, joists and rafters, in a construction. Span tables are published by lumber producers so that their customers can check what loads a given dimension and class of lumber can s


Elementary-level input/output tables are used to tell how one number is related to another. The tables help students understand how mathematics is used to quantify, compare, represent and model numbers.


Near Field Communication is used in smartphones for certain everyday tasks, such as paying at the register, gaining private access to one's place of work and transferring files to friends. Other uses include the ability to scan an NFC tag that directs the device to a website that contains more infor


Some tips for buying a used billiard table are to examine the table in person, inspect the underside of the table to see if there is damage or evidence of repair, play a game on the table, and consider tables with newer cloth that is not overly worn. Buyers should look for quality tables less than 5


The National Electric Code wire ampacity table is used as a guideline for deciding the proper wire type and gauge to safely use for specific current loads in electrical circuits. The code is maintained by the U.S. Fire Protection Association and provides information on safe electrical wiring.


Install a pool table by moving the frame that contains the slate into the room where you plan to use it, placing it upside down and attaching the legs. Enlist the help of others to turn the assembled table over, level the slate and begin the felt installation process. Pool table installation is a di