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Suitable oils for deep frying include vegetable, sunflower, sesame, corn, peanut and canola oils depending on the type of food and the fryer. Each deep fat fryer's instruction manual lists suitable oils and which to avoid.


Walmart accepts returns for most purchases within 90 days in the item's original packaging, and used deep fryers fall under this policy. Items purchased from Walmart online or in-store can be returned with a receipt.


Retailers such as Used Vending, Gator Chef and Restaurant Equippers sell used commercial kitchen and food preparation equipment. Customers can buy these items online and ship them to a local address. Customers can also buy directly from the retailer's local store or on direct purchase websites, such


A used commercial refrigerator can be bought at GatorChef.com, BaseEquipment.com and eBay. Gator Chef and Burkett Restaurant Equipment, Inc. both offer in-store purchasing for local customers as well as taking orders via telephone.


Some popular songs that have been used in television commercials include "Bad to the Bone" by George Thorogood and "You Remind Me of Home" by Ben Gibbard. "Bad to the Bone" was perhaps most memorably used by Buick for Regal Grand National commercials between 1984 and 1987.


Used commercial box trucks are available on sites such as CommercialTruckTrader.com, EnterpriseTrucks.com, PenskeUsedTrucks.com and eBay.com. Each site offers a variety of used box trucks, some of which are from private sellers, with different fuel types and special options.


Private used truck sales are truck sales conducted by the owner and not a dealership. Some people prefer buying vehicles from private sellers because they can be less expensive than vehicles offered by dealers.


Used commercial coffee roasters can be found through websites such as eBay, Alibaba.com and Roast Magazine. As of February 2015, eBay has entries for used and refurbished coffee roasters that range in price from $2,089.96 for an Indoor PID electric coffee roaster to $25,000 for a Burns Jubilee coffe


Used federal police cars are available for sale from the U.S. General Services Administration at public auctions. Other used police cars are for sale on online stores and auction websites.


Smaller airlines or scrap companies buy commercial aircraft that are no longer used, or the owners put the planes in airplane graveyards for storage until needed. Arizona, California, Texas and New Mexico have the largest storage facilities for retired planes in the United States.