None of the Apple iPad devices have a USB port. Apple has its own proprietary connecting ports on the iPads. Fourth-generation iPads and newer have lightning ports, whereas older iPads have an Apple 30-pin dock connector... More »

Both the Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + 3G models of Apple's iPad 2 use the company's proprietary 30-pin dock connector port for charging. 30-PIN to USB charging cables are available from Apple both online on and in Apple r... More » Technology Mobile

An iPad might not charge if the connector is dirty or the USB adapter is not properly plugged into a power outlet. If it still does not charge after cleaning the connector and checking the adapter, the owner may try rest... More » Technology Audio Equipment

A USB port is a point of connection between a computer and other electronic devices such as tablets, smartphones, pen drives, card readers, printers and scanners. The USB port allows the transfer of data from one device ... More »

Up to 100 watts of power can be provided by a USB 3.0 port, according to Ars Technica. This is enough power to run most laptops, computer monitors and even high-definition televisions. More » Technology Computers & Hardware

In technology, the definition of USB stands for universal serial bus. The most commonly used USB devices include flash drives, keyboards, mice, printers and external hard drives. More »

Types of USB flash drives that are compatible with the Apple iPad include the iXpand and iStick. The iXpand is manufactured by SanDisk, while the iStick is part of Sanho Corporation's line of mobile accessories under the... More »