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Members of the United States Senate for the 116th Congress. The United States Senate consists of 100 members, 2 from each of the 50 states.Below is a list of U.S. senators in the 116th United States Congress


• Senators who have Cast more than 10,000 Votes • Senators who have Delivered Washington's Farewell Address. Political Parties • Senators Representing Third or Minor Parties • Senators who Changed Parties during Senate Service (since 1890) Diversity in the Senate • Foreign-born Senators • Ethnic Diversity in the Senate • Women ...


The 2019 United States elections will be held, in large part, on Tuesday, November 5, 2019. This off-year election includes the regular gubernatorial elections in Kentucky, Louisiana, and Mississippi. State legislative elections will also be held in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Virginia, as well as for the New Jersey General Assembly (the lower house of the New Jersey legislature).


The U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives make up the two chambers of Congress. The Senate has 100 members, 2 from each state, who are elected to serve for a term of 6 years.


The United States Senate is made up of 100 members, two from each of the 50 states.Below is a list of the current U.S. Senators, sitting in the 116th United States Congress. Affiliation Members Republican Party: 53 Democratic Party: 45 Independent


List of current members of the U.S. Congress. From Ballotpedia. Jump to ... United States Senate • United States House of Representatives • United States Constitution • Federal Election Commission • Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee • National Republican Congressional Committee • Lifetime voting records ... 2019, the North ...


The state of Texas has two senators in the United States Senate and 36 representatives in the United States House of Representatives. (About Ads | Hide These Ads) ... Jul 9, 2019. It costs 2¢ to make a penny and 7¢ to make a nickel, but CENTS Act could bring those costs down.


You’ve cast your vote. Now what? Join 10 million other Americans using GovTrack to learn about and contact your representative and senators and track what Congress is doing each day. And starting in 2019 we’ll be tracking Congress’s oversight investigations of the executive branch.


H.R. 3494 Damon Paul Nelson and Matthew Young Pollard Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2020; H.R. 582 Raise the Wage Act; H. Res. ___ H. Rept. 116-125 Resolution Recommending that the House of Representatives find William P. Barr Attorney General of the United States and Wilbur L. Ross Jr. Secretary of Commerce in Contempt of ...


As the 115th Congress came to a close, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was dethroned from his perch as America’s least popular senator – a first in Morning Consult polling.