In order to properly identify old postage stamps, a stamp collection catalogue is necessary, according to 2 Click Stamps. There are two primary catalogues used by stamp collectors, the Scott Specialized Stamp Catalog and... More »

Used postage stamps are accepted by some charities as a fundraising tool. They sell the stamps in bulk to collectors and stamp dealers, who in turn sift through them to find valuable or rare editions. More » Business & Finance Mail & Shipping

Used postage stamps can be collected, donated to charity or used in craft projects. Soaking envelopes in water makes it easier to remove the stamps without damaging them. More » Hobbies & Games Collecting Stamps

To find out what old postage stamps are worth, do a little research into the specific stamps, and be careful in identifying the stamps correctly. Some stamps have common and rare varieties which differ from one another o... More »

Green Shield Stamps were released by the Green Shield Trading Stamp Company from 1958 to 1991. The stamps, released in the United Kingdom and Ireland, were a part of a rewards program that modeled itself after stamp coll... More » Hobbies & Games Collecting Stamps

Redeem S&H Green Stamps at, if you have at least 26 full books of green stamps. Loose stamps are not acceptable, so affix them to S&H stamp books or eight-inch by 11-inch sheets of paper. Mail them along ... More » Hobbies & Games Collecting Stamps

Postal Commemorative Society is the former name of the company now known as PCS Coins and Stamps. This company was founded in 1970 and markets a range of collectible products, including stamps, and has an arrangement wit... More »