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Informed citizens are necessary for a democracy to function properly. When average citizens stay informed, they reinforce democracy and help to keep the government in check to ensure the freedom of its people. Staying informed keeps people abreast of their rights and responsibilities as citizens and


According to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, a naturalized citizen is a foreign individual who has fulfilled the citizenship requirements established by the Immigration and Nationality Act. This act was passed by Congress in 1952 and contains four scenarios under which an individual can b


Citizens United is a Washington-based lobbying group that seeks to restore the U.S. government to citizen control through "education, advocacy and grass roots organization," according to the group's official website. One major mass-media technique involves documentary film productions that feature c


U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services lists all the basic rights and responsibilities a good citizen must uphold, so bad citizenship can be defined by the lack of these characteristics. Bad citizens are ill-informed about local matters and generally uninvolved in the political system.


In the United States, a natural-born citizen is one who is born on U.S. soil or to parents who are themselves U.S. citizens. U.S. citizens who gain their citizenship via a naturalization process are not considered natural-born citizens.


A global citizen is someone who feels like they are a part of an emerging world community and someone who works to contribute to this society’s values and beliefs. Global citizens see the world as a whole, value diversity and understand global issues.


Citizen Bank was established in 1871 as Citizen Saving Banks by High Street Bank, which was founded in 1828. By 1981, the banks had approximately $1 billion of assets with 29 branches in Rhode Island.


Citizens Disability is an advocacy group for social security disability, as stated by Better Business Bureaus. Its services include offering assistance to claim Social Security through filing forms and providing representation during hearings.


Chinese citizens have the right to vote when they turn 18, they are all equal before the law and all citizens have freedom of religion. Chinese citizens are protected against illegal search and seizure, and they have freedom of speech.


People aged 65 and older are universally accepted as senior citizens. Some programs and retailers define senior-citizen status earlier than 65, including college programs that offer reduced tuition for seniors.