The United States Navy has two mottos, one official and one unofficial, with the former being "Semper Fortis," and the latter "Non Sibi Sed Patriae." The first means "ever strong," the second "not for self but for countr... More »

The motto of the Indian Navy is transliterated into the Latin alphabet as "Shamno Varunah," which in English means "May Varuna be auspicious." Varuna, in Vedic scriptures, is referred to as the "Lord of Seas." In the Ved... More »

The official seal of the U.S. Navy has three overlapping circles containing the words "United States Navy" and a picture of an eagle holding an anchor. The eagle is surrounded by a depiction of a chain. More » Government & Politics Military

The United States Navy has about 430 ships, including those that are currently active, being built or on reserve. This tally of ships consists of several different types, including aircraft carriers, destroyers, submarin... More » Government & Politics Military

As of 2015, Navy carriers include the USS Nimitz, USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, USS Carl Vinson, USS Abraham Lincoln and USS George Washington, according to the United States Navy website. There is also the USS John C. Stenn... More » Government & Politics Military

As of 2015, the Standard Navy Distribution List is a directory that provides the proper mailing addresses for all United States Navy commands. Produced at the Washington Navy Yard by the Office of the Assistant Vice Chie... More » Government & Politics Military

A list of retired United States Navy admirals can be found at the official website of the U.S. Navy. The "Leadership" link on the homepage navigation bar opens a drop-down menu where the "Biographies" link can be found. ... More »