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US Air Force Mottos: US Coast Guard Mottos: Integrity First Service Before Self Excellence in All We Do US Air Force Core Values (No official motto) Click for US Air Force Mottos (35) "Semper Paratus" (Always Ready)" US Coast Guard . Click for US Coast Guard Mottos (1) US Marine Corps Mottos: US Navy Mottos "Semper Fidelis" (Always Faithful ...


Military Unit Motto Language Translation War Cry Translation Indian Army "Sewa Paramo Dharma" Sanskrit Service is our duty "Bharat Mata ki jai" "Victory to Mother India" Indian Air Force "Nabha sparsham deeptam" Sanskrit "Touch the sky with glory" Indian Navy "Sha-no Varuna" Sanskrit "May the Lord of the oceans be auspicious unto us&...


Just about every military unit has a motto of sorts, but some are way cooler than others. From "get some" to "fire from the clouds," we looked around the world for some of the military's best mottos. Here's what we found: 1. "Whatever It Takes" 1st Battalion, 4th Marines: Stationed at Camp Pendleton...


Many units of the United States Armed Forces have distinctive mottoes.Such mottoes are used in order to "reflect and reinforce" each unit's values and traditions. Mottoes are used by both military branches and smaller units. While some mottoes are official, others are unofficial. Some mottoes appear on unit patches, such as the U.S. Army's distinctive unit insignia.


The unit mottos of the 82nd Airborne (“All the way!”) and the 101st Airborne (“Rendezvous with Destiny”) are pretty well known. As a rule, military unit mottos tend to be 1) written in Latin, and 2) framed around the core values of the armed forces.


Popular US Navy Sayings, Mottos, and Slogans Posted By Adam Levine — June 26, 2013 We thought we’d share some popular military slogans & sayings as a resource for sailors, vets, and their families.


United States Department of the Army United States Army . The United States Army awards nicknames, officially called Special Designations, to units which are recognized as having earned or otherwise been associated with said designations. Mottos are also officially awarded to units by the U.S. Army.


Popular US Army Slogans, Sayings, and Mottos Posted By Adam Levine — November 12, 2012 In honor of Veterans Day, we wanted to post some popular military slogans & sayings this week as a resource for soldiers, vets, and family of those serving.


Here you will find, military slogans & mottos of the most powerful militaries in the world. These slogans have been sorted by countries and collected from various sources. See which country has the most powerful motto. United States Military Slogans On Wings We Conquer I Will Not Return Unavenged Aim […]


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