National Geographic and Reise Know-How both offer detailed and informative travel maps of the Dominican Republic, and offers a good online map of the country. features a range of Dominican travel... More » Geography Caribbean

Typical maps of the Dominican Republic include cities, rivers, latitude and longitude, physical characteristics, and roads. Other types of Dominican Republic maps are rail, stock exchange and political. More » Geography Maps & Cartography

Several online retailers offer large maps of Haiti including and The price depends upon the size of the map and the finishing options a customer chooses. The sizes range from 32 inches by 48 inches... More » Geography

The Dominican Republic is located on the island of Hispaniola. To the east of Hispaniola is the Atlantic Ocean, and to the west is the Caribbean Sea. The Dominican Republic is part of the Great Antilles archipelago. More » Geography Caribbean

One of the most famous attractions in the Dominican Republic is El Limon, a waterfall located in a mountainous region just outside of Samana. The waterfall is 120 feet high, according to Ministerio de Turismo de Repúblic... More »

The national animal of the Dominican Republic is the Palm Chat. The small songbird is found in abundance on the island nation. More »

The capital of the Dominican Republic is Santo Domingo. Santo Domingo has a population of nearly 1 million citizens as of 2014, comprising 10 percent of the total population of the Dominican Republic. More » Geography Caribbean