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As noted by the American Heart Association, BLS, or basic life support, test questions center on providing basic life support in an emergency situation. Areas of focus on a BLS test include CPR, rescue breathing, choking relief and using an automated external defibrillator, or AED, for adults, child


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The National EMS offers a blank answer sheet for the Basic Life Support, or BLS, test on its website as of 2016. The answer key features 25 spaces where test takers can answer multiple choice questions with four choices each.


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One of the requirements to get a basic life support certificate is to complete a BLS certification class, which can be obtained by attending a few hours of classroom-based course in the American Heart Association or in the American Red Cross. AHA-accredited universities and colleges also offer the c


BLS certification practice tests are available online. National Health Care Provider Solutions, ProProfs.com and Texas Onsite CPR websites all provide practice tests for BLS certification. ACLSMedicalTraining.com also provides an overview of the types of questions on the 2014 BLS certification test,


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BLS certification is earned through a training course, which covers how to revive, resuscitate or sustain a patient in cardiac arrest or respiratory failure. BLS is short for Basic Life Support.


Take an online Basic Life Support course at AmericanBLS.com or NationalCPRFoundation.com. These courses are free, and you can purchase a certification card after successful course completion if desired. The cost for the certification card is about $20 at each of these websites, as of January 2016.