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The U.S.: Cities - Map Quiz Game: Here is a good piece of geography trivia for you: What percentage of the population in the United States lives in cities? Most people would not believe it, but recently that figure surpassed 80 percent! Use this map quiz game to test your knowledge some of the biggest cities in the country.


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United States Cities Map Quiz. ... 100% and I live in Australia and have never been to the U.S. I am a geography wiz. austinkg +1. level 35. Feb 10, 2015. ... Canada Map Quiz. 2,584. Elements with One-Letter Symbols. 2,447. Cities that End in A by Clue. 2,069. Countries of the World Quiz. 810.


The U.S.: Major Cities - Map Quiz Game: New York is the biggest city in the United States, but did not surpass one million until the 1880 census. Chicago surpassed the one million mark the following decade. By 2010, more than 50 American cities had over a million people. How many can you identify on this free map quiz game? Challenge yourself to get them all right on this interactive learning ...


This city quiz will test your knowledge of the top 100 major cities of the United States. The quiz will give you 20 random questions to find and locate the given cities on the U.S. map. Simply click on the cities on the map. Watch out, you only get score for the first attempt!


Can you identify US cities on a map? Will you be able to tell which US city is marked on a US map? Do you know where to find US cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Kansas City, Detroit and Sacramento?


I thought it was a Belgian, but my guess is that San Juan isn't reported in the statistics of largest cities of the US because it isn't a state. It would appear in the list of largest cities of the US including territories. Would you expect Papeete to be included on a quiz about towns and cities in France?


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