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Finding someone based on just a common first name alone is virtually impossible. However, your odds increase if you have some other information about the person, especially if she has an uncommon name.


50states.com provides an online directory service that allow users to search for an individual using first name, last name, city and state. The site returns free contact information including phone numbers and addresses for possible matches and is linked with Intelius to offer paid premium services


To obtain free car information by the VIN, access the website of the National Insurance Crime Bureau, and perform a VIN check to check the title of the vehicle. This process provides some basic information about the vehicle, including theft, loss and accident history. Also, get to know the vehicle's


A simple search on the Internet is the use of search engines, such as Google or Ask, to look for information based on keywords. The words that are typed in the search box are called keywords, and should relate directly to the topic one is searching for. Once a search has been initiated, the search e


The sun is the star that makes life on Earth possible. Comprising over 99 percent of the mass of the solar system, the sun is a G2 main sequence star. This means the sun is cool compared to other types of stars and that it's still turning hydrogen into helium at its core.


Tools that let users search for people using pictures include TinEye and Google’s reverse image search function. Image Raider features a similar search function that is highly customizable.


Ask.com provides a search bar on its homepage where users can type in queries to search the Web. The query does not need to be in question form. Once users have entered their queries, pressing Enter or clicking on Find Answers brings up a list of search results.


Microsoft has unveiled a trial version of its revamped MSN Search. It has a cleaner, simpler look and distinguishes ads from search results. The move is seen as an effort by the No. 3 search engine t


Today, Google announced that it would be adding health-related information to search results, with cards providing answers about symptoms, potential treatments, and other info, curated by a team of doctors. Today, Google announced that it would be adding health-related information to search results,


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