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A mortgage is a loan from a financial institution taken out for the purpose of buying a property. Each month, some of the mortgage payment goes to paying off the principal and some to interest.


A homeowner gets a second mortgage from the same company that provided him with his first mortgage, or he goes with another lender, notes Zillow. It's best that borrowers get quotes from various lenders and compare fees and interest rates. Factors that determine how much a person receives for his se


When a customer is logged into her account at Freedom Mortgage, she can get detailed account information, make payments, schedule automatic payments and sign up for e-statements. She can also request her tax, escrow and insurance information, according to Freedom Mortgage.


A mortgage is essentially a loan, usually given by a bank, to provide individuals and families with funding to secure housing. Mortgages fall into the larger category of financial loans, but are specifically designed for real estate. Mortgages contain several different components, which include coll


Traditional mortgages and chattel mortgages, both of which are available from conventional lending sources such as banks, are used for manufactured homes, according to Investopedia. In the event that the manufactured home isn't permanently attached to the land on which it's built, it's categorized a


Plans to build a log home can be found on the websites of Mother Earth News, ePlans.com and HomePlans.com. Depending on the size and complexity of the home to be built, the plans can be free or cost thousands of dollars.


Calculate your monthly mortgage payments by using a mortgage calculator, reports Bankrate. Among the factors needed for the calculator tool to figure out the monthly mortgage payment are the amount of the mortgage, the mortgage term in years or months, the interest rate per year and the start date.


Log home maintenance entails cleaning logs, applying UV coating, staining logs and chinking. Log homes require proper maintenance to remain looking new and to avoid costly restoration projects.


Find photos of log homes at SouthlandLogHomes.com and GoldenEagleLogHomes.com. Southland Log Homes is a designer and manufacturer of log homes, and its website features comprehensive photo galleries of both exteriors and interiors.


People interested in a Green Tree home mortgage can start the process online via Green Tree's website. Alternatively, they can call the company's customer service number, which is 1-877-654-7163 as of March 2015.