While political scientists and economists do not have a standard definition for a global company, the recent informal definition for a global company is one that operates in at least more than one country. The past defin... More »

Triple Canopy, Aegis Defence Services, Andrews International and Chubb Fire & Security are some well-known global security companies. International Intelligence Limited is also a global security company. More »

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Two of the main reasons that companies go global are to expand their customer base and generate additional revenue. Companies also gain synergy from global brand promotion and may develop economies of scale from increase... More »

An underdeveloped country is a nation that lags behind most others in industrialization, education, standard of living, healthcare, life expectancy and other technological and cultural norms. Rwanda, Somalia and Ethiopia... More »

Economic diversity refers to the products and services that a country produces to be consumed by its economy. Stronger economies have a variety of goods to offer. More »

Net factor income from abroad is the amount of money made in a country other than one's legal home country, according to Investopedia. This term applies to income made by either an individual or a business and refers to ... More »

A developed country is one that has achieved a certain level of industrialization and economic performance. Definitions and specific standards vary, but a developed country normally has a stable economy, growing gross do... More »