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The first step in signing up for online banking is to visit the bank's "sign-up" or "enrollment" Web page. For an online-only bank, the customer normally enters some personal information. For an online extension of a traditional bank, account information is required, according to Bank of America.


Individuals can apply for various Bank of America accounts by accessing the bank's website, selecting the banking option and choosing a specific type of account, such as checking, savings or student banking. Interested customers may also walk into a bank branch or call to open an account.


Customers can sign into their Eastern Bank accounts online by visiting the Eastern Bank homepage and entering their HomeConnect ID and password login information, according to Eastern Bank. HomeConnect provides access to all of the customers' accounts with Eastern Bank.


To sign up for Citizens Bank online banking, visit the company’s website at CitizensBank.com. Click the Login button located at the top of the main page. Select the Enroll Now button located at the bottom of the new Web page, and follow the steps to begin enrolling for an account.


Sign up for an account with the Online State Bank of India by visiting OnlineSBI.com, choosing the appropriate option from the Apply SB Account menu, and providing your personal information to create a username and password, as of 2016. Online accounts are only available to residents of India or ind


U.S. Bank personal banking offers everything a client may expect from such a service, including online and mobile banking, a debit card, a bill-paying service, checking and savings accounts and a variety of credit and debit cards. Moreover, U.S. Bank personal banking offers investing and wealth-mana


The process for signing up for a personal banking account with Chase Bank online begins by entering your ZIP code, then choosing from the available list of account types. After choosing the account, enter your Social Security number, name, address and your current bank account details for your initi


Signing up for an S&T Bank ExpressNet online banking account can be completed by visiting the S&T Bank web site located at STBank.com. Click the Sign Up link located in the Online Banking log in section at the top right of the home page.


Banks use computers in several different ways including the tracking of account transaction histories, interfacing with customers and executing trades. According to About.com, the first computerized banking system was ERMA, the Electronic Recording Method of Accounting, first implemented by Bank of


To use U.S. Bank online banking, first register with its online banking website. The one-time enrollment process requires you to have a U.S. Bank card or account number and a personal identification number. Your Social Security number is also required. A series of dialog boxes guide you along the pr