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U.S. Bank allows account holders to access their accounts online on the company's official website. Account holders must enroll to use online banking the first time they use it. Enrollment requires a U.S. Bank card or account number, a PIN, and a Social Security number.


Banks offering online account access as of 2015 include Nationwide, U.S. Bank, Ally and Wells Fargo. Ally and Nationwide are online only. Some of the benefits of using online-only banks are low or no overdraft fees, no monthly maintenance fees and better interest rates on savings accounts.


Banks that offer online mortgage applications, as of 2015, include Wells Fargo, Citizens Bank and Citi Bank, according to the companies' websites. Completing an online mortgage application offers convenience and typically a fast response that includes mortgage options for the person applying.


In addition to the loan itself, a mortgage comes with other closing costs, such as an origination fee and discount points, notes Bankrate. Purchasing a house also leads to inspection fees, notary fees, loan preparation costs and a host of other items.


As of 2015, the common types of bank accounts include checking and savings accounts as well as investment accounts. Individual financial institutions determine what types of accounts they offer, and there are different types of accounts within each category. A money market account is a type of savin


As of 2016, U.S. Bank's Online Access program is a state of the art Electronic Access System that was built to help businesses with their travel, purchasing and fleet card programs. The system is used by numerous government agencies and private corporations.


People's Bank online banking is accessible via a website portal available to customers who register for online banking. An online banking registration page leads to a form in which individuals provide their personal information. Individuals can also contact 1-800-374-6123 for help with registration.


As of 2015, several lenders offer interest-only mortgages, including United Wholesale Mortgage of Troy, Michigan; EverBank Financial Corporation of Jacksonville, Florida; and Stonegate Mortgage of Indianapolis, Indiana. However, the credit requirements for such mortgages are higher than usual, accor


Customers with a Taylor Bank account can access their account online by entering their NetTeller ID and password into the Taylor Bank NetTeller page. The link is found on the Taylor Bank website. Customers must download, complete and submit an enrollment application to be assigned a NetTeller ID.


To open a bank account, choose a financial institution, and fill out the necessary application, as noted by the Wall Street Journal. Bank accounts offer several valuable tools such as online bill payment and investment management.