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To make an online payment through Credit One Bank, log into your account and choose Express Payment or Standard Payment. With express pay you can make a payment using a bank debit card or ATM card or payment can be transferred directly from your bank account.


Banks that have online banking include Wells Fargo, Bank of America and U.S. Bank. Some banks operate almost completely online, such as Ally Bank, Sallie Mae bank and American Express Bank.


Every year since they opened for business in 2009, Money Magazine has named Ally as the top online bank. The rating system used for making this determination included account options, fees, interest rates, security and customer satisfaction. The Ally Bank website is located at Ally.com.


To use U.S. Bank online banking, first register with its online banking website. The one-time enrollment process requires you to have a U.S. Bank card or account number and a personal identification number. Your Social Security number is also required. A series of dialog boxes guide you along the pr


HSBC, formerly Household Bank, allows credit card holders to make online payments by logging into their Personal Internet Banking accounts, selecting Transfers on the left navigation bar and scheduling a transfer between a deposit account and a credit card account. These payments can be one-time pay


Online payment services allow consumers to pay merchants for goods or services electronically, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. A payment service provider acts as a middleman between the merchant and consumer in processing the payment through the Internet.


Using a Best Buy gift card to pay for online purchases requires entering the card number and PIN number at checkout, according to Best Buy. Enter the required numbers in the boxes provided.


Honda Financial Services offers two convenient payment options: EasyPay and Pay Online. You can make your Honda payments through these by registering at Honda's website for account management and setting up one of the payment options, according to Honda Financial Services.


When a customer pays a monthly premium to activate a new policy, rather than giving the provider a large payment for several months of prepaid coverage, that customer is enrolled in a policy without a down payment. Insurance companies set their own guidelines for down payments.


Some banks that offer online-only banking include GoBank, Ally, Charles Schwab Bank and PNC’s Virtual Wallet. These online banks offer convenient services and highly mobile banking tools for customers.