The Indian army's official motto is "The safety, honor and welfare of your country." The military forces of India have several mottoes, depending on which branch is being discussed. More »

"Get an Edge on Life" was the slogan used by the United States Army. It replaced another famous Army slogan, "Be All You Can Be." More » Business & Finance Business Resources Advertising

"Drugs aren’t cool they make you act like a fool" is a slogan against drug use, suggests Shout Slogans. Another appropriate cry is "We’re happy because we’re drug free. It’s the only way to be." An attitude against drug ... More »

The motto of the United States Army is "This We'll Defend." The origins of the phrase can be traced back to the setting up of the War Office of the Continental Congress in 1777 during the Revolutionary War. More » Government & Politics Military

The motto of the Indian Navy is transliterated into the Latin alphabet as "Shamno Varunah," which in English means "May Varuna be auspicious." Varuna, in Vedic scriptures, is referred to as the "Lord of Seas." In the Ved... More »

The seven values of the U.S. Army are loyalty, duty, respect, selfless services, honor, integrity and personal courage. Together, they all form the acronym LDRSHIP. More »

The U.S. Army Safety Program is based on four major principles: conducting on-going training that is common to both leaders and individuals, treating safety as part of everyone’s responsibilities, maintaining universally... More »