Basic training, or boot camp, for the United States Army is a 10-week training course that is designed to transform civilians into soldiers, according to the Army's website. Basic combat training teaches the seven core A... More » Government & Politics Military

The length of basic training is different for each branch of the military. As of 2014, they range in length from six and a half weeks for the Air Force to 12 weeks for the Marine Corps. More »

Some hotels located near the Army boot camp at Fort Sill as of December 2015 include the Holiday Inn Express Suites Lawton, the Quality Inn Lawton and the Ramada Lawton. Alternative hotels include the Knights Inn Lawton,... More » Geography

The tough training in military boot camp is easier to manage if the enlistee goes in physically and mentally prepared and knows what resources he can call on if there's a problem. Boot camp is not meant to destroy new mi... More » Government & Politics Military

In the United States Army, there are between 16 and 40 soldiers in a platoon, notes the U.S. Army's website. Other countries' armies have different numbers, such as Australia's army's 24-soldier platoons, and the units m... More »

Basic military training in the United States Air Force is an eight and a half-week training camp that focuses on field skills, physical conditioning and the fundamentals of military life. Training instructors push recrui... More » Government & Politics Military

View pictures of Marine Corps boot camp on the official U.S. Marine Corps website and civilian military support websites, such as Leatherneck and Recruit Parents. All sites allow photo downloads. The official Marine Corp... More » Government & Politics Military