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Online checking accounts allow bank customers to pay bills and manage finances through the Internet using a personal computer or mobile device. Most banks offer a convenient online service so that users can manage most of their personal banking remotely, says Financial Web.


Customers can pay bills through their banks online banking system, but it is not guaranteed it will pay instantly. It depends on the company that is receiving the payment and if you have sufficient funds in your bank account, notes Bank of America.


Advantages of paying a bill online include saving time, saving on postage costs and convenience, states ClearPoint. Moreover, by paying bills online, it is easier to manage personal finances and avoid late fees for payments received after the due date.


Individuals wishing to pay their T-Mobile bill online should log in at the official website, select Billing, click the Pay Bill button, and fill in the fields required for payment processing. The payment usually posts immediately, but customers can contact T-Mobile Customer Service if it hasn't post


To pay a Target REDcard bill online, a person can log in to the Manage Your Bills section of the official Target website. One will have to register to use the online bill paying services, by signing up for Target's Free Online Bill Management.


In banking, a pay order is a rough negotiable draft that instructs a bank to pay a certain sum of money to a third party that may or may not be involved with the bank. A bank pay order is similar to a check, but it is negotiable unlike a check.


Individuals who have an insurance policy from Progressive can pay their bill online at the official website of the company. The website allows customers to open an account from where they can manage their payments with ease.


As of 2015, customers can pay a United Water Resources bill online by visiting the company’s website at United Water.com. Customers can learn about all the available payment options by checking with a local United Water center.


Research the online security features for the telephone company’s website. Encryption software should be used, as well as a sign-out session for inactivity for a period of time. Clear your computer’s cache to remove cookies and browser history after entering sensitive information.


Georgia Power customers have the option to pay their bills online via website of the Southern Company, which owns Georgia Power. The online customer care portal offers power customers the option to create usernames and passwords to access online bill payment features.