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Opening an online bank account is generally quite easy and only takes a few minutes. Some banks allow new members to open an account without visiting a bank branch, while others require new members to open an account in person before being able to access it online.


To close a bank account, send a written request to close the account, along with contact information, personal information, account number and any other required documentation, according to About.com. Banks send the remaining account balance and a letter of verification once the request to close the


Any bank account outside the United States is referred to as an international, or offshore, bank account. Since the money in such an account is not held by any American bank, it does not comply with the regulations and laws set by the America’s banking institutions, explains MoneySuperMarket.


Access an old savings account by finding it in a state unclaimed property database and claiming it, reports the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators. According to unclaimed property statutes, all financial institutions must turn in the funds in inactive bank accounts to state of


Not all banks and credit unions provide online access to members, and the law does not require them to do so. Those that provide online access are not required to provide it for free.


Customers are able to access their First Interstate Bank accounts online by utilizing the bank's online banking service, as stated by the official First Interstate Bank website. First time users must first enroll to participate in online banking. They must enter their email address, account number,


Some alternatives to traditional bank accounts include cash management accounts, credit unions and money market mutual funds, according to CNN Money. These non-bank businesses offer checking and savings accounts similar to the ones offered by commercial banks.


To locate a bank account legally, purchase a product or service, and pay by check if the subject in question owns a store, suggests the National Check Fraud Center. Hire a third party to perform the purchase if the subject may recognize you and only if there's no safety risk involved. This method is


Consumers can access their Fifth Third Bank accounts online by going to the official Fifth Third Bank website and signing into the Internet Banking Log In page. Fifth Third Bank customers who have never used its Internet Banking service should use their debit, credit or ATM card number as their user


A bank trust account is a bank account that holds assets of another person or entity, and the bank acts as the custodian, Legal Zoom says. The assets can include cash, stocks and bonds or real estate.