A collapsed urinary bladder occurs in women when the bladder collapses into the vagina, states WebMD. The condition is also known as a 'prolapsed bladder' or 'cystocele.' More »

Air in the urinary bladder is trapped gas caused by certain medical conditions, according to Radiopaedia. Diabetes, the presence of foreign bodies, fungal infections and use of medical devices can cause air to become tra... More »

According to The Pig Site from 5m Publishing, the urinary bladder of the pig is part of the animal's urinary tract system. The urinary system functions to remove toxins from a pig's blood and maintain the fluid levels in... More »

A hernia of the ureter, which is the tube connecting the kidney and the urinary bladder, is called a ureterocele. This hernia develops when the ureter isn't wide enough to allow normal urine flow. A ureterocele usually d... More »

Most women with a prolapsed bladder first notice some tissue in the vagina that many say feels like a ball, according to WebMD. Other symptoms include feeling like the bladder doesn't completely empty, pelvic pain, low b... More »

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For women and men, an increased urinary frequency can be caused by diabetes, interstitial cystitis, diuretics and urinary tract infections, states WebMD. A decreased frequency in urination is linked to dehydration, urina... More »

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The urinary bladder is a hollow muscular organ that stores urine. It is situated in the pelvis and is approximately the size and shape of a pear when empty, notes WebMD. The bladder expands to varying sizes depending on ... More »

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