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Weather and other quick facts about Uranus. Uranus is the third "gas giant" planet of four in proximity to the Sun. Overall, Uranus is the seventh planet in our solar system, residing at an average distance of 1.8 billion miles from the Sun (twice as far as Saturn).


What Is the Weather Like on Uranus? With an atmospheric temperature of -224 degrees Celsius and a surface temperature of -197 degrees Celsius, Uranus is a very cold planet with strong winds. ... National Weather Maps, Latest Storm Alerts & Weather Info. Get your forecast. Latest Weather News View Today's Top Stories And. News from weather.com!


Astronomers have unveiled new high-resolution infrared images of Uranus, revealing in detail the bizarre weather of the seventh planet from the Sun. The Uranus’ deep blue-green atmosphere is ...


The climate of Uranus is heavily influenced by both its lack of internal heat, which limits atmospheric activity, and by its extreme axial tilt, which induces intense seasonal variation. Uranus' atmosphere is remarkably bland in comparison to the other gas giants which it otherwise closely resembles.


But weather on Uranus functions much as it does on other gas giants. Like Jupiter and Saturn, the planet has bands of zones and belts that orbit parallel to the equator, which is warmer than the ...


Continue reading "Uranus has Bizarre Weather" Skip to content. Universe Today. Space and astronomy news. Posted on October 18, 2012 December 23, 2015 by Nancy Atkinson. ... the weather on Uranus ...


What is the weather like on Uranus? First of all, it is COLD. The surface temperature is about –300° Fahrenheit degrees! There are strong winds, and sometimes cirrus clouds made up of methane ice crystals are seen in the atmosphere. Since Uranus is tipped on its side, it has strange seasons.


Uranus is the "butt" of more than a few jokes and witty (and not so witty) puns, but it's also a frequent destination in various fictional stories, such as the video game Mass Effect and TV shows like Doctor Who. The radioactive element uranium was named after Uranus when it was discovered in 1789, just eight years after the planet was discovered.


Uranus, the seventh planet from the sun, may initially look like a bland, blue-green ball. But there's a lot to love about the icy giant, from its 13 rings to its 27 known moons to the fact that ...


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