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Natural Tips to Remove Upper Lip Hair Permanently: Nature has its ways to provide us umpteen solutions in beauty and health. Here are some fruitful ways that will help you say goodbye to upper lip hair. And they are easy to follow. 1. Turmeric and Milk: Just when you’re wondering how to remove upper lip hair naturally, turmeric comes in.


For a female, having noticeable upper lip hair is a nightmare. No woman is completely free of facial hair, but thicker, coarser and more abundant hair growth, especially on the upper lip area, is a matter of concern. This unwanted facial hair or “moustache” can be due to genetic, hormonal or ethnic factors. In some […]


Sugaring or sugar waxing is the preferred method of natural upper lip hair removal for some people. Place four chamomile tea bags in a saucepan and cover them with water. Bring to a boil. After ...


Besides these home remedies, there are other options available to stop the growth of upper lip hair. Other Methods To Stop Upper Lip Hair Growth 1. Laser Hair Removal. In laser hair removal products, a concentrated beam of light is sent into the hair follicle to destroy the hair. This can stop hair growth for approximately 7 months. 2. Electrolysis


1. Lemon and White Sugar. Some simple kitchen ingredients like lemon and white sugar can be used for upper lip hair removal. Lemon is known for its bleaching properties and sugar acts like a natural scrub.Squeeze out 1 lemon to remove the juice and mix 2 teaspoons of sugar in it.


A woman with a moustache, how embarrassing it is! Upper lip hair is a quite annoying to women, as it drains the self – esteem and mar their smooth feminine features. There are many natural remedies that work well in removing the upper lip hair.


Laser hair removal is an effective way to get rid of upper lip hair. During this procedure, a dermatologist directs a concentrated beam of light at the hair follicle to destroy the hair.


Contrary to many marketing claims, no hair removal treatment can get rid of hair permanently. However, there are a variety of ways to get rid of hair for weeks, months, or longer periods of time.


Upper lip hair is a common though harmless problem which can drain a woman’s self-esteem. Facial hair is undesirable and abnormal in women caused due to certain hormonal imbalance or a hereditary factor. Below are a few effective tips for home remedies that help to remove upper lip hair permanently at home – 1. White Sugar and Lemon


So if you want to get rid of that fuzz along your upper lip, hairs on your chin, or sprouts between your brows, here's what you need to know about each possible way, plus the best hair removal ...