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As of 2015, Flash players available for Windows XP are Adobe Flash Player and Silverlight. To download Adobe Flash, visit Get.Adobe.com, and follow the prompts. To download Silverlight, visit Microsoft.com and follow the directions on the Installation Instructions tab.


The latest version of Flash is available on Adobe's official website, Get.Adobe.com. Adobe Flash Player supports all versions of Windows later than Windows XP, as well as Mac OS X 10.6 to 10.11 and Linux. Flash Player runs from a Web browser as a plug-in for embedded me...


You can download Adobe Flash Player for Windows XP by going to the Flash Player download page on the Adobe website, selecting the option in Step 1 that includes Windows XP, select the browser type you use from the list in Step 2, and click the Download Now button. Your ...


To update Windows 8, navigate to Settings, click Change PC Settings, click Update and Recovery, and click the Check Now button. Wait for Windows to check for the most current updates. If Windows finds any updates, click Install Updates.


Adobe Flash Player is a software program that can be downloaded from the Internet to enable users to view videos and multimedia files, play computer games that require Flash, and stream video or audio. Adobe Flash Player is compatible with SWF and FLV files found across...


Enabling Flash player for Firefox involves going to the Add-ons Manager and finding the Shockwave Flash add-on before either adding it for your desired programs or turning it on permanently. Choose Always Activate to turn on Flash player permanently.


Some free Flash media players are Adobe Flash Player, FLV Media Player, Flash Media Player, XULPlayer and Free Flash Player. Some other commonly used players are Moyea FLV Player and Haihaisoft Universal Player.