The easiest and least expensive way to unlock a Samsung cell phone is to request a free unlock code from the cell phone provider associated with the phone. If this is not possible, go to a business that offers phone unlo... More » Technology Mobile

The easiest way to unlock a Samsung phone for free is to request an unlock from the cellular service provider associated with the phone. However, many cellular carriers have restrictions on who can unlock phones from the... More »

Samsung does not issue unlock codes for its devices, and directs customers seeking these codes to contact their wireless carriers. Samsung phones are locked by individual wireless carriers, not by Samsung. More » Technology Mobile

You can legally unlock your cell phone by contacting your mobile wireless service provider. You receive an unlock code from for your device that allows you to unlock it. More »

You can call your service provider to get a SIM unlock code for your HTC phone. Alternatively, you can use an online service such as and More » Technology Mobile

To unlock a Samsung mobile phone, get an unlock code from unlocking service providers, including your current mobile network. You can also buy unlock codes from sites, such as Ebay. Different Samsung models have differen... More »

Samsung cell phone manuals can be found at on the support page of the website. A user can search for his device based on type and model and either download the manual or have it emailed to his chosen address. More » Technology Mobile