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An unlimited data hotspot is a location or device that provides an unrestricted Internet connection for computer, tablet and cellphone users. Some Internet service providers offer mobile hotspot devices that provide users with a high-speed connection to the Internet when they're away from their home


To turn a mobile phone into a free Wi-Fi hotspot, one needs to have access to a mobile Internet connection. This usually comes with a charge from the network provider.


Hotspot tethering works by utilizing the data network of a mobile device. The device uses its on-board Wi-Fi chip to create a Wi-Fi network. The device then pairs the mobile network with the Wi-Fi broadcast. The result is an Internet-enabled hotspot that multiple devices can connect to.


Unlimited Wi-Fi hotspot plans are frequently compared on the bases of the service provider, speed and price. The best options are those that offer good service coverage, fast Internet connection speeds, the ability to share the service with multiple devices and an affordable price point.


To enroll in an AT&T GoPhone Mobile Hotspot plan, visit the company's website, highlight the Shop tab, select Wireless and then click on Mobile Share Plans under the Voice & Data Plans section. On the next page, select GoPhone and click Mobile Hotspot from the menu on the sidebar.


To turn a smartphone into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, toggle the phone's hotspot setting to on. The procedure for enabling the setting differs slightly with different phones, so this process details only the general step-by-step on Android phones, which is similar to the process on Windows 8 and iOS.


A personal hotspot is a feature on the Apple iPhone that shares its cellular Internet connection with another device via USB, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Connecting a computer via Personal Hotspot allows it to get online anywhere the phone has service.


A mobile hotspot, also known as a portable hotspot, provides a wireless Internet connection anywhere the mobile device goes, as long as it is in range of cellular data service. Devices commonly used with a mobile hotspot include laptops, tablets and any other device that is Wi-Fi enabled.


Clearwire Corporation was a provider of Internet service and a manufacturer of mobile Wi-Fi devices. A Clear hotspot was one of its mobile devices designed to provide local Wi-Fi without a phone line or cable connection.


As of 2015, consumers with hotspot devices can get data-only plans with Verizon that can provide them with a 6GB or a 10GB data plan. Verizon also offers a 100GB data plan for its heavy users.