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Any smartphone or mobile device, a tablet for example, can be used to set up a 4G hub by using the tethering options, which are usually located in the wireless or network settings menus of most devices. Users, however, should check with the carrier first to ensure this service is free. There are sli


Verizon sells their Jetpack series of 4G mobile wireless hotspot devices through their retail locations and online. Best Buy also carries them, and they are listed on various e-commerce sites such as Amazon and eBay.


An unlimited data hotspot is a location or device that provides an unrestricted Internet connection for computer, tablet and cellphone users. Some Internet service providers offer mobile hotspot devices that provide users with a high-speed connection to the Internet when they're away from their home


A Verizon Jetpack 4G LTE mobile hotspot is a portable modem that uses a cellular connection to provide Internet service while away from the home or office. The hotspot network is available in 178 markets worldwide.


A Verizon Hotspot is a small electronic device that provides an Internet connection on the go, as long as the hotspot is within range of the connected devices. Each Verizon Hotspot can enable several Wi-Fi-capable devices to receive a Wi-Fi signal via the Verizon 4G LTE network simultaneously.


A mobile hotspot, also known as a portable hotspot, provides a wireless Internet connection anywhere the mobile device goes, as long as it is in range of cellular data service. Devices commonly used with a mobile hotspot include laptops, tablets and any other device that is Wi-Fi enabled.


A personal hotspot is a feature on the Apple iPhone that shares its cellular Internet connection with another device via USB, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Connecting a computer via Personal Hotspot allows it to get online anywhere the phone has service.


A 4G home Internet service uses cell towers to provide Internet over a mobile data network. This may be useful for those who want a more affordable alternative to cable or wireless Internet or live in an area where these options are unavailable.


4G refers to the fourth generation of wireless networks. It is an advanced cellular network that succeeded 3G, or third generation networks, to provide improved mobile broadband Internet access. Current and potential applications include improved mobile web capabilities, gaming services, high-defini


Hotspot tethering works by utilizing the data network of a mobile device. The device uses its on-board Wi-Fi chip to create a Wi-Fi network. The device then pairs the mobile network with the Wi-Fi broadcast. The result is an Internet-enabled hotspot that multiple devices can connect to.