Despite holding citizenship in England, John Locke promoted a government powered by the people and for the benefit of citizens. Locke lived during the 17th century, and had a prime role in shaping the spirit and language... More »

The United States Constitution may be amended either by a two-thirds vote by the House of Representatives and the Senate followed by subsequent state level ratification or by a Convention called for by two-thirds of stat... More »

The preamble to the United States Constitution begins with the famous words, "We the People," and it serves to introduce the aims and scope of the articles and later amendments that follow it. It can be viewed at the web... More » Government & Politics Law

John Locke believed that the purpose of the government was to help all people achieve equal natural rights, and that the government was obliged to protect and defend its citizens. Locke rejected the belief that some peop... More » World View Philosophy

John Locke believed that the government existed in order to help protect people and to help society function, while Thomas Hobbes believed that people needed the government to tell them what to do, or otherwise, there wo... More »

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The Constitution requires the U.S. government to protect citizens from a foreign invasion, protect citizens against domestic violence and guarantee a republican form of government. The government refers to this section o... More »