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Locate the file you want to upload by clicking on the Browse button; Once you have selected your file, click on the Upload button. File #1: File #2: File #3: United Airlines, Inc. ("United") values your feedback. Please be advised that any information that you submit to us, including any personal information, will be transferred to, processed ...


There are two major United Airlines phone numbers, and the one you need depends on the nature of your complaint. If you need an urgent solution to a problem, such as if you've been bumped from a ...


Write to Customer Care at United Airlines, Inc., 900 Grand Plaza Drive NHCCR, Houston, TX 77067-4323. Be sure to have your ticket number and trip details handy. Be sure to have your ticket number and trip details handy.


File a complaint with United Airlines customer service department. Best contact info for United Airlines corporate headquarters with 1-800 phone number, email, and office address.


Calling United toll-free at 1-800-UNITED-1 (1-800-864-8331) or by calling the number on the back of your MileagePlus card, or through your travel agent. Written requests may be submitted to United Airlines, United Refunds, P.O. Box 4607, Dept. NHCRF, Houston TX 77253-3046 or to any United ticketing facility.


DOT requires airlines that fly to, from, or within the United States to state on their websites how and where complaints can be submitted. There may be a form on the airline’s website for this purpose. If you feel that the airline does not resolve the issue to your satisfaction, you may want to file a complaint with DOT.


For more than 20 years, Untied.com has provided air travelers with information about United Airlines, including how the airline treats its passengers and employees, resources to help maintain their rights, and a public database for posting and reading complaints about experiences with the airline.


File your complaint about a travel agent or agency with the accredited membership organization the agent/agency belongs to: Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) National Tour Association (NTA) Complaints About Cruises. Learn about your legal rights and how to file a complaint.


If you use the web complaint form above, we would welcome any comments that you may have about that process. Please email any such comments to airconsumer2@dot.gov. (That address does not accept complaints about air service, only comments about the web complaint form process.)


Everyone will end up complaining about an airline sooner or later. For some reason, I've never had to write a scathing letter. The only time recently that something went amiss on a flight I’ve taken was Los Angeles to New York on American Airlines. I had used miles to fly in first class, and although I had booked my seat months in advance when I attempted to check in online 24 hours ahead I .....