Unique names for male dogs include Achilles, Bogart, Bengal, Gasper and Hachi. Common origins of unique dog names include comic books, celebrity names, historical figures and foods. More »

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Some of the favorite male dog monikers include Berber, Balboa, Achilles, Bogart, Fender, Hogan, Muscles, Nacho, Nitro, Picasso, Romeo, Trooper, Zephyr, Argyle, Benz, and Jax. There are many unique and popular male dog na... More »

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Examples of unique names for female dogs include Lolo, Eire, Oche, Tayra, Aspen and Lorise. SheKnows.com offers an extensive list of unique names for female dogs. More »

The 10 most popular names for male dogs are Max, Charlie, Buddy, Jack, Cooper, Rocky, Riley, Toby, Bear and Harley, according to Rover.com's December 2013 list of the most popular dog names. The 10 most popular female do... More »

When a female dog is in heat, an intact and sexually mature male dog in the area can act anxious and aggressive towards other male dogs. He loses interest in anything except mating. A neutered male dog usually acts norma... More »

Some unique names for male dogs include Abbott, Falcor, Zammis, Yahtzee and Q-Ball. Monster names like Yeti and Sasquatch are uncommon, as are names based on food such as Apple, Pizza, Honeydew and Pepperoni. Transportat... More »

According to Magacy Magazine, as of 2014, the ten most popular dog names for male dogs are: Ace, Bailey, Boomer, Charlie, Finn, Gus, Max, Buddy, Sam and Trapper. Dogster Magazine notes that in 2013, the top male dog name... More »