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GUIDED MEDIA Guided media, which are those that provide a conduit from one device to another, include twisted-pair cable, coaxial cable, and fiber-optic cable.

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Unguided media Guided to unguided – Transmission • the signal is guided to an antenna via a guided medium • antenna radiates electromagnetic energy into the medium – Reception • antenna picks up electromagnetic waves from the surrounding medium. – Example • a voice signal from a telephone network is guided via a


Introduction: Guided and Unguided. Two categories. – guided media. • guided along a solid media. • Example twisted pair, copper coaxial cable, …


UNGUIDED TRANSMISSION MEDIA & ERROR 17 - December - 2015 1 UNGUIDED MEDIA: WIRELESS Unguided media transport electromagnetic waves without using a physical conductor. This type of communication is often referred to as wireless communication. Signals are normally broadcast through free space and thus are available to anyone who


94 CHAPTER 4 / TRANSMISSION MEDIA KEY POINTS • The transmission media that are used to convey information can be classi-fied as guided or unguided. Guided media provide a physical path along which the signals are propagated; these include twisted pair, coaxial cable, and optical fiber. Unguided media employ an antenna for transmitting


Unguided Wireless Media: Here information is transmitted by sending electromagnetic signals through free space and hence the name unguided media, as the signals are not guided in any specific direction or inside any specific medium. All unguided media transmission are classified as wireless transmission.


Unguided media appoint an antenna for transmitting via air, vacuum, or water. Transmission medium is the manner through which we send our information from one area to some other. The very first layer (physical layer) of communication networks OSI seven layer model is devoted to the transmission media. ...


In telecommunications, transmission media can be divided into two broad categories: guided and unguided. Guided media include twisted-pair cable, coaxial cable, and fiber-optic cable. Unguided medium is free space. Figure: Classes of transmission media Physical Layer Physical Layer Transmission Media Guided (Wired) Unguided (Wireless) Radio ...


The basic difference between guided and unguided media is that in the guided media, the signal travels through a physical medium whereas, in unguided media, the signal travel through the air. There are some more differences between guided and unguided media which I have discussed with the help of comparison chart shown below.


• Unguided: provides a means for transmitting electro-magnetic signals but do not guide them. Example wireless transmission. Characteristics and quality of data transmission are determined by medium and signal characteristics. For guided media, the medium is more important in determining the limitations of transmission.