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To unfreeze exposed water pipes, open the faucets of the affected pipes, and follow the pipe lines to where the frozen blockages are. Apply heat to the frozen section of pipe until full water pressure is restored. Contact a plumber if the pipes don't unfreeze or if they burst.


While a frozen computer can be the result of many different causes, sometimes closing the problematic applications can be the quickest solution. If this doesn't work, then a hard reset can help reboot the computer.


According to the Apple Support website, unfreeze your iPod classic by resetting it, retrying it, restarting it, reinstalling the software and, if necessary, restoring the entire program on your mp3 player. Perform each of these tasks in order with the hopes of preserving the content saved on the iPo


A credit freeze or security freeze is a method by which a consumer blocks access to their credit report. The primary purpose is to prevent lenders from accessing their report, which prohibits identity thieves from obtaining credit in the consumer's name.


TransUnion credit reports that are ordered by calling 800-888-4213 take five to seven business days to arrive by mail from the date the telephone order was placed. If the credit report has not been received in that time, customers can call again to verify the order.


For a wired or wireless mouse, unplug the USB cable, or plug and reconnect it to correct the problem. Unfreeze a laptop mouse by enabling the touchpad. To do this, you will use the Fn key and the Touchpad key.


One safe method for unfreezing pipes is to use a pipe thawing machine. This machine attaches to the frozen section of pipe via spring-loaded clamps and then heats that section. A homeowner can rent this device from a local plumbing supply store or can purchase one new.


Unfreezing an iPad requires checking the power source and charge before using the power button. The entire process should take no longer than a few minutes.


To freeze your credit files to protect them from identity theft, contact your state attorney general office to query about the cost of initiating a credit file freeze, reports the Federal Trade Commission. Then contact each of the three main credit reporting companies of Experian, Equifax and TransU


Freezing a credit report means restricting access to it by lenders. A consumer may take this measure when he fears identity theft or fraud. By restricting lender access, it is difficult for a potential thief to use the consumer's information to open a new account, reports the Federal Trade Commissio