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The Division of Employment Security is responsible for the administration of the unemployment insurance program in the state of North Carolina. This program is a federal-state partnership and is funded by federal and state unemployment taxes employers pay on employee wages. Benefits are paid to eligible workers who lose their job through no fault of their own and are able, available and ...


Applying for PUA Tip Sheet Pandemic Unemployment Assistance line: 866-847-7209. Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) North Carolina independent contractors and self-employed workers out of work because of COVID-19 can apply for federal Pandemic Unemployment Assistance beginning Friday, April 24 at des.nc.gov.


North Carolina is 49th in the country for overall worst unemployment benefits, considering both maximum weekly amount as well as maximum benefit period. 40 states give 26 weeks with only Florida, the worst in the nation for total benefits ($3,300) also giving 12 weeks.


Since 2005 the unemployment rate in North Carolina has ranged from 2.7% in December 1998 to 12.0% in January 2010. The current unemployment rate for North Carolina is 3.5% for September 2019.


Although you can file an unemployment claim by phone, fax, or email, the quickest way to file North Carolina unemployment applications is through the DES website.. If you don’t have access to a computer, you can file your initial claim and ongoing weekly claims by calling the DES Customer Call Center at 888-737-0259.. To avoid a delay in receiving benefits, you should file a claim as soon as ...


North Carolina Unemployment. According to the BLS current population survey (CPS), the unemployment rate for North Carolina rose 0.8 percentage points in March 2020 to 4.4%.The state unemployment rate was 0.0 percentage points lower than the national rate for the month. The unemployment rate in North Carolina peaked in January 2010 at 11.4% and is now 7.0 percentage points lower.


Unemployment Offices in North Carolina. Where is the local unemployment office in North Carolina? Refer to our list of each North Carolina-based unemployment office below. Get directions to the nearest NC unemployment office, where you can get answers to your questions about filing a claim or weekly unemployment benefits in the state.


[north carolina] Employers using the $600 Unemployment benefit as the reason why people don't want to work for them. High employee turnover rates before COVID-19. Tell the truth. Let's talk about these toxic jobs.


In North Carolina — as in every other state — employees who are temporarily out of work through no fault of their own may qualify for unemployment benefits. The eligibility rules, prior earnings requirements, benefit amounts, and other details vary from state to state.Here are the basic rules for collecting unemployment compensation in North Carolina.


Data extracted on: May 22, 2020 Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Note: More data series, including additional geographic areas, are available through the "Databases & Tables" tab at the top of this page. North Carolina includes the following metropolitan areas for which an Economy At A Glance table is available:. Asheville, NC; Burlington, NC ...