Underlining an email address is necessary to draw attention to the email address in the midst of an email. You can either underline the full address or mimic an underline to achieve the same effect. More »

McDonalds.com, the website for McDonald's Corporation, provides corporate contact information including the company's physical address and toll-free phone number. No direct, corporate email address is specifically provid... More »

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If you forget your email for MySpace, the best thing to do would be to visit the MySpace "How Do I Get Back My Account" page. This page has steps to follow to recover your MySpace account even if you don't have your emai... More »

Yahoo allows users to change their email passwords using any alternate email address or mobile phone number listed on the account. The Yahoo Security Center offers instructions for resetting passwords and other security ... More »

To find a lost or forgotten email address on Gmail.com, go to the Gmail username-recovery page, choose the recovery method, provide the name of the account, type the CAPTCHA image and then click Submit. The exact process... More »

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Receiving email is as easy as creating a free email account, setting up your email client on your computer, and sending out the email address to those who email you. This is an easy process that should take no more than ... More »

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To reverse lookup an email address for free, visit PeopleSmart or ThatsThem, select Email or Email Address from the menu, type the email address into the search box at the top of the website, and then click the Search bu... More »