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To obtain a replacement copy of an honor discharge certificate, or a form DD-214, fill out Standard Form 180 and send it to the National Personnel Records Center along with a letter of request. An alternative option is to visit the eVetsrec website and follow all instructions carefully.


A medical discharge review, known in the military as a physical disability review, refers to the process of determining a discharged member's physical disability status, according to the Military Health System. The intention of such a review is to ensure the accuracy of a veteran's disability status


According to WebMD, women immediately experience a bloody red discharge following pregnancy called lochia. Lochia usually lasts for two to four weeks and gradually changes color during this time.


Constructive discharge is when an employer creates or allows a negative work environment that forces an employee to quit. Examples include an employer harassing the employee, changing the job location to an unreasonable degree or reducing pay without a valid reason.


Hospital discharge papers are a summary of the patient’s hospital stay, from the time of admission to the time of release, reports the Free Dictionary. It includes a clinical description that is prepared by the doctor or another on-duty health care professional.


A discharge of mortgage form is the form filed with the appropriate office for records when a mortgage on a home is paid off, explains the Norfolk County Register of Deeds. The form clears the title of the home to which the mortgage was attached.


A patient discharge sheet contains information about the medical care a patient received in the hospital and provides instructions for future care. The discharge sheet also relays instructions about the patient's medication schedule and discloses potential side effects of any prescriptions.


An Honor Flight is a free trip for U.S. military veterans to Washington, D.C., to see the memorials of the wars they fought in. The trips are usually funded by non-profit organizations, and the flights arrive at all three airports in the Washington, D.C. area.


The National Honor Society is an organization for high school students who demonstrate remarkable scholarship, service, leadership and character. Individual high school chapters of the National Honor Society push students to pursue further engagement with school activities and community service.


Honor Flight letters are letters, cards and general messages from friends, family members, students and ordinary citizens to veterans traveling to national memorials on flights arranged by the Honor Flight Network. The letters express gratitude and admiration for the sacrifices made by the veterans