Some uncommon baby girl names include Amya, Perla, Paola, Nia and Rowan, lists The Bump. Other unique names listed are Ira, Eliana, Delaney, Veda and Zola. More » Education

There were many uncommon baby names in 2014, including girl names such as Agape, Cheska and Juju. The list of male names were no less uncommon, with names that included Darko, Albin and Blayde. More » Education

Some girl names with unique spelling include Kamryn, Karlee, Bryleigh and Lauryn. A few other spellings that are also unusual names are Janiyah, Emmalyn and Avah. More »

Some interesting names for newborns include Amya, Kenzie and Rowan for girls, and Grayson, Kellen and Tate for boys, according to The Bump's Unique Baby Names list available at Many other websites also offer... More » Education

Some unique baby girl names include Zuri, Yvette, Marisole, Joslyn and Seraphina. Other names that appear on the United States Social Security Administration's list of popular names but are not among the most frequently ... More » Education

Some creative ways to choose a name for a baby girl include looking into your genealogical history, finding inspiration in nature and considering names from past eras. Parents can also look to landmarks, geographical pla... More » Education

The popularity of certain baby girl names has been attributed to the influence of popular culture, lifestyle and a desire for originality. There is also a cyclical nature to baby name trends, with some baby girl names co... More » Education