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Our home, Earth, is the third planet from the sun and the only world known to support an atmosphere with free oxygen, oceans of liquid water on the surface and — the big one — life.


Earth Facts. Earth is the third planet from the Sun and is the largest of the terrestrial planets. The Earth is the only planet in our solar system not to be named after a Greek or Roman deity. The Earth was formed approximately 4.54 billion years ago and is the only known planet to support life.


One of the most surprising facts about the Earth is how we easily forget that what an amazing and interesting planet we live on. As Carl Sagan pointed out, “It’s home, it’s us”. It is the only world known planet to support an atmosphere with free oxygen, liquid water on the surface, and, perhaps this is the most important amazing, life.Here are 50 scientific facts about the Earth.


The rocks you are standing on get recycled. Volcanoes spit them out as magma, they dry, harden, and after a very long time either get sucked down again by plate tectonics or get pushed towards Earth's core by a fresh layer of rocks above.


Learn more about the amazing world with these interesting facts about life that are guaranteed to tantalize your mind. ... If you were to remove all of the empty space from the atoms that make up every human on earth, the entire world population could fit into an apple.


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Below are some interesting facts on our amazing planet that we call home and where we fit in the Solar System. Interesting Facts about Earth. Earth is the third planet from the Sun. Falling behind Mercury and Venus and in front of Mars. Earth is the only planet in our Solar System that can support life.


The name Earth comes from a combination of Old English and Germanic and is derived from ‘eor(th)e’ and ‘ertha’ which mean ‘ground’. Earth is the only planet in our solar system to have water in all three of its forms (Liquid, Solis & Gas).


The Earth could eventually have a 1000-hour day in 50 billion years because the time it takes Earth to spin once on its axis keeps increasing. In about 5 billion years, the Sun will deplete its supply of hydrogen and helium, turning into a red giant star, consuming Mercury and Venus and maybe even Earth .


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