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Sound is generally classed as ultrasonic when its frequency exceeds 20,000 hertz. This is the upper range of humans' ability to perceive, though the ultrasonic range of frequencies extends upward into the millions of hertz.


The Engineer’s Handbook defines "ultrasonic machining" as a mechanical material removal method used for eroding holes and cavities in brittle or hard workpieces. It makes use of an abrasive slurry, high-frequency mechanical motion and shaped tools.


Ultrasonic sensors work by transmitting energy in the form of ultrasonic waves to a target object, which reflects the waves back to the sensing head. Ultrasonic sensors are largely used in measuring distances based on the time it takes for the wave transmission and reception to be completed.


Make a homemade ultrasonic cleaning solution by combining water, dishwashing detergent and ammonia together inside an ultrasonic cleaning machine. This type of cleaning solution is best used on hard stones without cracks. Creating the solution takes just a couple of minutes.


Ultrasonic waves are sound waves transmitted above the human-detectable frequency range, usually above 20,000 Hz. They are used by some animals and in medical or industrial technological devices.


Ultrasonic sound waves are waves of sound beyond the range of perception. These sound waves are used by bats and dolphins for navigation and by medical imaging and in non-destructive testing.


All ultrasonic waves share the common property of being mechanical waves with a frequency higher than the upper limit of the human hearing range. The only difference in physical properties between ultrasonic and sub-ultrasonic waves is that ultrasonic waves cannot be heard by humans while sub-ultras


An ultrasonic thickness gauge is a small, computerized instrument that measures the thickness of material using high frequency sound waves or ultrasound. Placed against one side of the material, its transducer, a small probe, generates an ultrasonic burst that echoes back when hitting the other side


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Ultrasonic devices do nothing to repel or kill pests such as mosquitoes, according to the University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. The devices do not help to protect humans or animals from diseases carried by the pests.